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Container candles come in three sizes.

400ml Giant £13.95 - burns for 45 hours

200ml Large £7.95 - burns for 40 hours

100ml Small £4.95 - burns for 20 hours

Each candle is hand poured is Sheffield using 100% Eco Soy Wax, our candles use a ring spun cotton wick and fragrance oils created for the use with natural soy wax.

A sweet burst of vanilla mixed with fresh toffee. Only for those of you with a real sweet tooth. Guaranteed to quench your naughty side.

The laundry has just finished spinning and is  out “Fresh Ont’ Line” blowing in the spring breeze. A calming breeze of clean cotton.

Freshly picked Sheffield strawberries lathered in double cream, just how your nan used to make them. Both fruity and sweet.

Calmly strolling through the Sheffield botanical gardens on a summers day. A floral combination with an overtone of rose.

Childhood innocence in a candle.

A burst of clean baby powder.

Not far from Sheffield you’ll find Bakewell, a small village home to the world famous Bakewell Tart. A more-ish combination of sweet cherry and almond.

Only if your dare! A powerfully fragranced candle full of spicy cinnamon.

A stroll along the riverside amongst the flowers and trees of Endcliffe Park, one of the most popular and scenic spots in Sheffield.

A mix of creamy fresh coconut, Pina Colada and a sense of relaxation you would only find on the beach. We recommend Creamy Coconut as our summer fragrance.

Juicy juicy mangos mixed with fresh papaya. Close your eyes and it’s enough to whisk you away to a sunshine paradise.

A combination of sweet ripened mandarin with a subtle hint of the mimosa flower.

Calling all cake lovers, this is the candle for you! A HUGE slice of freshly baked lemon drizzle cake. Covered with a thick layer of icing and lemon zest grated on top for the finishing touch… all squeezed into a candle of course.

Dark roasted coffee beans freshly brewed with slightly sweet hints. Possibly even a mocha.

Black Cherry, what could possibly describe them?! A sweet and powerfully strong fragrance of what is a real summer treat. Go on, just one more!

Gorgeous plump peaches, sliced up and gushing their succulent juices. Enough to make anyone’s mouth water.